That’s My Kind of Night with Luke & FGL

Cole Swindell, Florida Georgia Line, & Luke Bryan
at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts (June 2nd, 2013)

On our way to the show!


Comcast Center Venue Review:

Apparently purses that resembled “backpacks,” even when clearly being held like a purse/pocketbook, are NOT allowed into this venue. I had brought my cute little bag that I had made for ACM week with all of the girlie necessities that I would need, including my camera, phone and chargers, autograph book, CD inserts, sunscreen, sunglasses, rain ponchos in case, money, makeup, perfume, etc. This caused QUITE an uproar between the event staff letting people in at the gate and myself, who tried extremely hard to make them understand that this bag was NOT a backpack. “Go put it back in your car,” they suggested. Umm, sorry, I can’t do that, my car is at some park and ride 2 hours away, and we took a shuttle from the hotel to the venue. Nor could I survive without everything that I had carefully planned and packed with items specific for this one night only. Long tumultuous story short, the event staff/security were EXTREMELY rude and harsh and unwilling to budge or listen to my explanation of WHY it’s not a backpack and WHY I need each and every item that it was holding. My blood pressure rose quite a bit and I required a $10 beer to calm me down afterwards. Oh, that’s right… $9.75 for ONE beer. Needless to say the quarter left over was the only tip he got…

Basically, I was very unimpressed with this venue and the attitude of the event staff and security. They certainly set my concert experience off on the wrong foot! (Thankfully the artists, the show & the after party made it worth it!)

Another useful tip: Tailgate in the parking lot. You’ll go broke attempting to get a slight buzz on, and beers in the high-end Vegas clubs don’t even cost that much!!

Florida Georgia Line’s performance was mesmerizing. They are my current obsession of the moment and their CD has been on repeat in my car for almost 2 months now. I am a total fangirl when the Cruise Remix with Nelly comes on in the club (see video) and make just as much of a ridiculous fuss when it plays in the car. BK and Tyler were pouring with sweat and singing and dancing their asses off. It was a hot and sticky summer night in New England and I think my favorite part is that I was so unbelievably close in the pit. The area of the pit held MAYBE 100-150 people the way the stage was set up, and we were about 3 people from the stage, it was awesome. I think what I love most about them is that they intertwine their love for hip hop with their love for country. I was a huge hip hop fan during my high school and college years and now obviously my true love is country, but the way that they mix in little raps between the choruses sings a special tune to my heart. They just GET me. In a way that only Taylor Swift ever has. Or maybe I get THEM? Either way, if country hip hop were a legit genre of music, pretty sure that would be my weakness. My only disappointment of the evening was that the wait line for Luke’s M&G took so long that I missed out on Cole Swindell’s ENTIRE set. 😦 I was REALLY looking forward to seeing him when I learned that Thompson Square cancelled. (Get well soon Keiffer!)

See a video clip of their performance here: Get Your Shine On

Luke… I didn’t want the night to end! I’ll admit, I am one of those girls who swoon over Luke and his hip thrusts and perfect smile… but despite that fact… Luke 100% deserves his ACM Entertainer of the Year award. That man can ENTERTAIN. He holds the crowd in the palm of his hands, and being this close in the pit, and being able to turn and look at the entire crowd behind me and see everyone completely entranced by his performance gave me chills. He wore a Boston Strong shirt on stage in support of the recent Boston Marathon bombings and spoke of how much he loved this city (hey Luke, we are actually in Mansfield, but close enough!). I seem to have misplaced the memory card that contains camera shots and videos from this show, but here are a couple cell phone shots!

Michael Carter rockin’ out!
Heyyyy Luke!

Also, JUST FOR THOSE READING MY BLOG, this is my all time favorite video that I have of Luke that I’m going to share with YOU GUYS ONLY! It is unlisted on youtube and can only be viewed by using this link: Luke Bryan – Up Close & Personal I HOPE YOU ENJOY THAT TONGUE ROLL!!!!! 😉