I Wish I Would Have Known!

…that making money was THIS EASY!!!!! Guys, I don’t shop online often. Basically just some random things on Amazon and maybe some makeup at Sephora if I’m too busy to get to the mall to grab what I need. Oh, and Etsy. I love supporting small businesses and people who handcraft their items. At any rate, I’ve spent about $40 so far online since I joined Ebates… and I’ve already gotten $37.99 in my PayPal account, just by shopping and buying what I normally would… and letting other friends know about it!! The only reason I felt inclined to post this today was because, this is what I just got when I logged into my email this morning! (If you look in the top right corner, you’ll see my total money earned so far (since signing up ONE MONTH AGO) is $37.99!) …Oh, and if you join with my link, you’ll get a FREE $10 deposited in your account after you make your first purchase! I want to share this goodness with all of you!


Also, it’s tax filing season… and you can earn CASH BACK when you file online!!! I better get going on my taxes… what could be better than getting a refund AND cash back?!

You don’t have to get the funds deposited into your PayPal, they also write and send out checks every other month on the 15th of the month.

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“In Case You Didn’t Know” These Things About Brett Young

Can’t wait to see Brett Young for the first time in concert on March 3rd with Luke Bryan and Brett Eldredge! Follow him on instagram and check out how he got his start in music!

Brett’s self-titled debut album is available now for preorder and will be released February 10th, 2017. About half of the tracks are already available for purchase on iTunes!

Best Little Country Bar in Hampton Beach!

Ok, besides being the best brunch spot that I have EVER been to (think country music on the speakers and customized “breakfast shots”), I totally got some free website promotion! The walls of this place are COVERED with dollar bills that people have signed or drew on and then stapled on the walls over the past several years that The Goat has been open. I’ve written my website on the ceiling of a bar before, so why not on a dollar bill stapled to a beam?! I can’t wait to go back one day and see if it’s still there! I also am hoping that people who love country music might be tempted to check it out! (Hello and welcome if it’s your first time here and you saw my website at The Goat in New Hampshire!)


I also got a pretty sweet shirt that says “Whiskey Made Me Do It” on the back. Totally going to rock that at an upcoming show!


Win A Trip to the 50th CMA Awards in Nashville


We are officially TWO WEEKS away from country music’s biggest night! Who wouldn’t LOVE to be in Nashville for the 50th CMA Awards?! I’ve definitely been entering every single contest that I come across! Most of them have ended… but if you act quickly… this one doesn’t end until Friday 10/21! Just click here to enter!* Good luck!

I’m praying that a miracle gets me there! It would be such an awesome networking opportunity! Being at the 50th would be pretty special. #ForeverCountry

*I am not affiliated with this contest in any way! Just wanted to give fans an opportunity of a lifetime! Make sure to check the official rules to see if you qualify! (For example, it might not be offered to countries other than the USA.)

Brief Update…

Hello again, Country Heartbeat readers! For those of you following along on my adventures, you’ve probably noticed the lack of posts this past month. I just wanted to update everyone that I am still (more than ever actually) actively pursuing my music industry career and gearing up for a VERY busy summer of concerts! I am currently juggling 9 (yes, NINE) part-time jobs at the moment and the blog has taken a bit of a backseat. I have lots of awesome things to update y’all on, if I ever get some free time to do so! Right now my focus has been on working extra hours to save for a wedding that I’m in this summer and the big move to Nashville by the end of the year.

If you want to follow along as exciting things happen, feel free to “like” my facebook page and be sure to “subscribe” to the updates, because they more than likely will not show up in your news feed! I always update on there if an artist comes into the studio or if there is a song I’ve been loving on the radio.

Until next time!

Faux-Chella: My Perfect Country Music Festival

Country Heartbeat Day1 Fixed

With Coachella just around the corner, TickPick and I have teamed up to present with Country Heartbeat readers my ideal country music festival! I have so many favorites that they had to divide the festival between two days! If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, it’s pretty obvious who my favorite country artists are. Whenever someone asks who my favorite artist is, I ask them if I can give them a top-5 or top-10 list instead, because it’s entirely way too hard to narrow down. I then proceed to list the above 10 artists, and a few others… depending on whose show I may have seen recently and re-fell in love with.

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