Without these people, this blog would not have been possible:

1. Dan Vanlandingham: for the push I needed to make this blog a reality, and always being available to answer my endless questions and give advice

2. Hannah Sherwood: for setting me up on WordPress and meeting with me to discuss the early beginnings, and for sharing her sparkle and creativity and being a true inspiration

3. Shaunese Hoek: for the amazing “header” design and for proving to me that kind-hearted strangers really do exist

4. Tracy Fortin: for believing in and supporting my dream since day 1, for being the best friend that any human being could ever ask for, and for the constant reassurance that I am on the right path

5. Cassi Lau: for being my best concert buddy and an awesome guest blogger/contributor

6. Donald Jenkins: for creating the #makingIThappen movement and providing me with inspiration to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true

7. Derek Abramson: for being my biggest fan, the first to congratulate me after every new post, and providing me with endless concert tickets and experiences


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