ACM Awards 2013
ACM Awards 2013

I used to consider myself a dreamer. Now, I’m more of a “dream chaser” who is actively pursuing my passion of country music, in hopes of finding my dream job in the music industry. Currently living in a small seaside New England town, my plan is a cross country move to Nashville sometime in the future! For now, I’m gaining experience photographing and reviewing shows and going to as many concerts as possible! I currently work for my local country radio station, WPOR 101.9, both as a receptionist and on the Street Team!

I have a background in graphic design, photography, and social media. Follow my adventures in the music industry as I make connections, attend concerts and award shows, chase my dreams and follow my heart!

I hope to inspire you with my determination and tenacity to be just as bold as me when it comes to chasing your own dreams. I want to inspire someone who has never been to a concert before to attend their first live show, I want to introduce you to new artists you’ve never listened to and I hope to encourage each one of you to determine what makes your own heart beat.

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Chase Rice lyrics <3
Chase Rice lyrics ❤

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  1. Good luck in attaining your dream job. You gotta luv Country Music – Shania & Garth are our favourites, brilliant concerts back in the days they were touring.

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