Blogging 101 Assignment: For My Dream Reader

Several years ago, not completely thrilled with the prospect of having to work full time for the rest of my life, I remember announcing to some of my closest friends; “I wish I could just get paid to go to concerts!!!” You see, country music is my passion and live music takes me to a magical place. This is where I come alive, I become the best version of myself, and I am who I know I’m meant to be. Of course, this idea was silly and unrealistic, so I thought. Until one of my friends encouraged me to find a way to do just that…

Being the determined dreamer that I am, I began to brainstorm ideas. I decided that Nashville would need to be in my future, but for now, I would have to be creative about things. I cannot pinpoint exactly where the idea for the blog came from, but I do know that it was ACM Weekend 2013 that changed everything for me. I came back home to Maine that April and I just KNEW I wanted to be a part of the lifestyle that I had experienced… the concerts, the parties, dressing up, the Awards shows, red carpet…. all while rubbing elbows with my idols. The blog basically started as a method of “creating my own destiny” so to speak. My goal in April of 2013 was not necessarily to get a “following” of readers… but more in hopes that the right person would see it at the right time and he/she would connect me on the path to my dreams. It’s a romantic thought, really. That special person in the Universe that might stumble upon my blog and say, “Hey, this girl is something special. She’s got a passion that is unmatched and the skills we need to build our brand, our artist, etc. Let’s take a chance on her!” and boom, magically offer me this amazing job within the industry, whatever it may be! (I told you I was a dreamer!)

So… my dream reader is just that! Are you that person that can help connect me with someone who may lead me to the job of my dreams? I want to be a part of it all, from the live shows to the behind the scenes social media marketing! Whether I work in a radio station where they are always interviewing artists and I can help out at shows, raffle off meet and greets to lucky fans who I can see myself in, help promote the crap out of shows and new artists, and run all of their social media sites, or whether I start out working as someone’s merch manager, make tons of connections, and eventually move my way up to artist manager… anything goes! Maybe I will work at a record company scouting new talent or maybe I’ll be someone’s tour photographer! Maybe I will work at a cool new venue booking shows with artists, making sure that I bring all the music that I love to my own town! Maybe they’ll send me to the ACM’s every year to work on the show! Maybe I will be someone’s personal assistant, or maybe… just maybe… this blog will generate enough of an income to someday actually “get paid to go to concerts”… just like my originally romanticized and brilliant cogitation! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Assignment: For My Dream Reader

  1. I’m visiting you as part of the Blogging 101 assignment. Keith Urban freak here! I’m really excited for you and your goals. Keep going…never give up.

    • Feel free to give me a follow… I hope to see Keith in concert one day!!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the encouragement! Prior to this Blogging 101 Course I had been feeling a little lost and disinterested in continuing with my blogging journey. This class has changed everything!!! 🙂

  2. Visiting as part of my 101 assignment …I saw some of me….My strap line on my blog is ” If you can dream, You can do it!…..Little did I know that after 4 yrs of living here …I did it…I am a published author…So keep on dreaming it will happen 🙂

  3. While I don’t get to see a lot of live music performances, I do love going to them. Getting paid for that would be awesome. Stay dedicated and keep your passion alive. Maybe one day you’ll get a shot.

  4. My college theatre professor always said, “Start with passion and your work will always succeed.” For many people, finding their passion is the hard part, but you’re halfway there. It also sounds like you have the drive to turn those dreams into reality. I actually think blogging can prove to be a really helpful vehicle for making those connections that can unlock doors. So, let me drop THIS bomb on you: what if YOU’RE the Dream Reader?! (Dun dun dun.) 😉 A little food for thought on this Tuesday night….

    Thanks for saying Hi on my Facebook page. It’s a delight to meet you! And Jess, I wish you well on your quest toward living out your passion.

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