You Just Gotta Believe

Shine Bright!

“How are you going to make enough money to survive? How are you going to make this happen? Where are you going to work? Do you even have a plan?”

In the words of Big Kenny (of Big & Rich):

“You just gotta believe. You come to this town and you start meeting all these people and you become inspired. Everywhere you go there’s someone who can play, someone who can write a song. You finally meet enough of them that you start to think to yourself, ‘Wow, maybe I am kind of normal after all.'”

Nashville. “It’s a crazy town full of neon dreams, everybody plays, everybody sings.”

Although I don’t have the typical musician dream, I do have a dream of working in the country music industry. I fully believe that once I am there, surrounded by the people that make this crazy passion of mine feel “normal,” that this dream is going to really take flight. Thriving most on inspiration, I am positive that, although I might feel slightly threatened by the competition at first, it’s what I truly need.

I also believe that part of this process is the Universe aligning for you to meet certain people who will help lead you there. Knowing that the “right people” whom I need to meet, are centrally located in Music City, poses a slight problem. However, working with what I have now, networking as much as I can locally in the radio industry as well as with label reps, tour managers, etc at shows has provided me with a good starting point. Another major reason why I want to get to the ACM Awards this year! All those super important industry people… they’ll all be right there in Vegas! If (when) I get there in April, I will not have my usual goal of meeting the artists in mind, rather, sharing my story with everyone I meet and work on attracting the type of people who would be willing to support this dream of mine and mentor me along my journey. Honestly, I just want someone to admire my irrefutable passion and take me under their wing, allowing me to learn and grow as I go. Ultimately, when I get there, I want to do that same thing for someone else. Find a few younger girls with stars in their eyes and guide them along the path of chasing their dreams and help them get to where they need to be. I want to continue the cycle and become someone’s life coach and share all that I’ve learned and experienced. Empowering woman is something that I strive for, as well as finding my “tribe” of like-minded souls whose hearts and goals align with mine. ❤

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One thought on “You Just Gotta Believe

  1. I love this Jess! So so powerful!
    And I believe in you!! I am sure you will make things work<3
    I had the same wish when I decided to move back home to Berlin and not continue to become a teacher and instead follow my passion. And I ended up in the most perfect place, where someone took me under her wing and is helping me to grow everyday. So grateful for this! And I believe this is possible for each and everyone. With a little bit of work and passion 🙂
    xx Ronja

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