Hey HIGH VALLEY, Can I Make You Mine?

HV Make You Mine Single Image

I’ve been waiting for a day like today in the office since I started working for my local country radio station, WPOR! Mid morning my boss told me that High Valley would be coming in around noon to play us some songs. I’ve been covering at the desk at the radio station (which I absolutely LOVE) and switching off days with another girl. On one of the days that she was here covering, Dan + Shay came in unexpectedly and I was so jealous and bummed that I had missed them! So this definitely made up for it!

Surprisingly, I had yet to hear of High Valley and did some research immediately. Turns out, these two musicians from a rural Canadian town about as high up as Alaska are pretty talented! I guess they are a pretty big deal already in Canada, earning many accolades including 10 GMA Canada Covenant Awards, multiple CCMA Award and JUNO Award nominations and the 2013 CCMA Award for Interactive Artist of the Year. In 2014, their top 5 single, “Country Line”, held the record as the longest running Top 10 hit on the Canadian country music charts! They’ve opened up for several major acts including Little Big Town, Alan Jackson, and Shania Twain.

While Brad, Curtis, and the rest of the band set up in our conference room for a mini acoustic performance, I had the opportunity to chat with the VP of Promotions for Warner Music! Of course, my boss introduced me as “the world’s biggest country fan” and I took this chance to tell him about my blog and plans of moving to Nashville by the end of the year. He asked if there was anything he/they could do help my blog and after some consideration, I told him… “a job in Nashville!” Basically, since the beginning, the purpose of this blog has not only been to share my passions with you and encourage others to chase their dreams as intensely as I have (while promoting some of my favorite artists)… but also in hopes that it would fall onto the “right eyes” in Nashville, someone who can smell my tenacity and dedication from 1,200 miles away, someone willing to take a chance and invest the time to train me for a career in the country music industry. Are you my dream reader? At any rate, it was an amazing networking opportunity and contact to have for my future life in Nashville! What I loved the most about him is that he doesn’t have a Music Business degree from Belmont either! Seems like the more people I meet in this industry, the fewer I find with that actual pointless piece of paper (aka degree). I’ve got a degree in photography and graphic design, not radio or promotions or marketing or the music or entertainment industry. But what I do have is undeniable passion and lust for this Nashville life that I dream of, immersed in the music that makes me feel alive, and a hunger for being able to show up to a job every day that doesn’t feel like “work” at all! 



Anyway! Back to High Valley! They also left us with a USB with their music samples on it. There are 5 songs, “Make You Mine”, “Young Forever”, “Memory Makin'”, “I Be You Be”, and “Every Week’s Got a Friday”. While “Make You Mine” is the single they are pushing to radio, my personal favorite was “Memory Making”, because of course, it spoke about bottling up every moment, lovers that are meant to be, and literally making memories. “We’re dreaming, we’re chasing, memory making.” Dream… chasing? This song has Jessica written all over it! ❤ Their lyrics are very romantic, which of course appeals to my hopeless romantic side!

Call your local radio station and request “Make You Mine” or see an extensive collection of all of their hits on iTunes! These guys have had some great success in Canada, and now it’s time to grace the US of A with their talent! This song was released just in time for it to climb it’s way up the charts by summer time! Can’t wait to see what this year brings these two talented brothers! Check out the catchy chorus below:

“You’re hallelujah, Sunday morning /All I’ve ever needed, wanted / Underneath this pale moon sky / I’m gonna make you mine / Yeah, I’m gonna make you mine”


For more information, please check out their website!


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