For All Those Underappreciated Supporting Musicians Out There!

I’ve always felt that the band members never get as much credit as the artists themselves. They can go out in public without being recognized (for the most part), and they rarely get to attend awards shows or join the main singers on stage when they win. Half of the time, they don’t even get to record their instruments on the record (there are of course exceptions to this rule!). After following certain bands for several years, I’ve noticed a lot of changes. It seems like just after I’ve finally located all of the band members on twitter and/or instagram, next show I go to, they’ve already been replaced! I guess the supporting musicians aren’t as set in stone as the singers, but I still feel like they play a very important role. I highly respect artists like Kip Moore who make it a point to include his band members in all that he does, and publicly recognizes “The Slow Hearts” as part of his success. We need more artists like him that truly believe in their band, and who know that it’s the support of the guys behind them on stage that make the live shows an amazing experience.

TO ALL OF THE BAND MEMBERS: Thanks for all that you do! Your efforts and kick ass performances do not go unnoticed by the true fans!


I think I will start with Kip Moore & The Slow Hearts, because I have so much friggin’ respect for those guys! Besides, who else’s band has their own name? With the exception of a change in drummer, Kip has stuck with his original crew that he started off with. 

Manny Medina, my favorite Scorpio & Kip’s amazing bass player!
Adam and the Kip Chicks
Adam Browder and some loyal #kipchicks!

Luke Bryan’s musicians are some of my fave! Although I’ve met Kent and seen Michael Carter at a bar in Nashville, I’ve only got a picture with Kevin. But these guys have been with Luke since the beginning (Mike since Luke’s college days!) so they deserve a shout out!

Kent & Janelle
Kent Slucher, Luke’s drummer!
Kevin Arrowsmith
Kevin Arrowsmith, Luke’s amazing fiddle/guitar player!
Janelle & Mike Carter
The one and only MICHAEL CARTER!

Good ol’ Florida Georgia Line. Love ’em or hate ’em, you cannot deny their success! Anyone who has been following them for a while has probably seen a turnover of band members throughout the years, but I will always view Bondsy as a critical part of FLG.

Tom Beaupre
Tom Beaupre, FGL’s bass player
Sean fuller jenny
Sean Fuller rocks! FGL’s drummer is famous for his contagious energy and his WTF shirt (Where’s The Fireball?)
Tyler Charelli & Janelle
Tyler Chiarelli, lead guitarist for FGL
Bondsy April 2013
Brian Bonds, former guitarist for FGL

Chase Rice’s band has definitely been through some changes since I’ve started seeing them perform in 2013. Aaron Levin will always remain one of my favorite drummers though! Huge shout out to Derrick for hooking me up with tickets for my first ever Chase show in Boston, and for taking the time to chat about my upcoming trip to Nashville back in October 2013! (Fans remember things like this!)

jenny and derrick royer
Derrick Royer, former guitarist for Chase Rice
Aaron Levin, former drummer for Chase Rice
Jenny and brandon
Brandon Autry, former guitarist for Chase Rice

Clearly Chase has completely restructured his band mates, for whatever reasons. Sometimes it’s just time to move on and start new projects. But these 3 guys will always be a part of the “original” Rat Pack in my heart!

If you’ve seen Frankie Ballard live, you’ll know how proud he is when it’s that time of the night to introduce his friends and fellow band members to the audience. Ross & Eddie, we all love you! 

Chelsea and Eddie
Eddie Robinson, Frankie Ballard’s guitarist
cassie and ross
Ross Webb, Frankie’s drummer

Loyal Sam Hunt fans are also huge fans of his band mates. Together, the four of these men make beautiful music! I have a feeling this group of guys will stick together for the long haul!

Josh burkett jenny and girls
Everyone loves Joshy B! Joshua Burkett is Sam Hunt’s guitarist.
Jenny & Tyrone
No one can resist when Sam’s guitarist, Tyrone Carreker, flashes that smile of his!

Who could forget?

And sometimes, there’s just those special supporters (like videographers and merch guys) that fans just love to love. I could never leave out Black Mike or Hutch from this list! Thanks for all that you do and have done for Cole and Luke! (And T2 back in the day!)

Cassi & Black Mike
Michael Monaco does video work for both Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell, and fans can’t get enough of him!
hutch 2 sept 2014
Derek Hutchison, Cole Swindell’s current merch manager… this kid has fan pages about his butt!

To those guys in the background, supporting the ones in the spotlight, here’s to you!


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