2016 ACM Nominees Announced

If you’re new to this blog, and unaware, I am extremely partial to the Academy of Country Music, the ACM Awards Show, and The Week Vegas Goes Country. Check out this post of where this passion for the ACM’s began, when I won my “Dream Trip of a Lifetime”! I NEED TO FIND A WAY BACK THIS YEAR! I’m so torn between saving the money that I had originally saved for my annual ACM trip and putting it toward my Nashville move. That would put me one step closer to my long term goal, but devastate me when April comes around. It’s been a struggle trying to make this decision. I want more than anything to be in my favorite place on earth (Vegas) during my favorite week of the year (ACM week)… with all of the new connections I’ve made over the past two years, I can only imagine how epic this trip would be. I could network like CRAZY and tell everyone I meet that I’m moving to Nashville and tell them I’m looking for a job… Vegas turns me into the person that I wish I could be every day; I become this wonderful confident version of myself and to put that version of me in an environment SURROUNDED by country music everywhere would benefit my career and future immeasurably.

However, without that money that I’ve saved up for ACM week, saving enough to get to Nashville by the end of the year might not be feasible. I know that sacrificing the trip would most likely be beneficial to my long term goal, but I know how painful it would be not to go this year, especially with how far that I’ve come where this dream is concerned. I tend to base decisions on feelings instead of logic… logic says save that money and make the move to Nashville, but my heart knows how much it would break not being there… especially with seeing everyone’s snap chats and tweets all week. I need to make a decision fairly quickly, seeing as how I need to purchase flights and outfits and start a hard core work out routine and all of the prep that goes into that week. I just wish so badly someone could come with me and split the room with me! I can’t afford to do it alone! I’m hoping that the Universe sends me a clear message soon to help me with my decision! But anyway…

After realizing that I had met every lovely lady in the New Female Vocalist of the Year category… I decided it would be a fun way to announce this years nominees by creating some collages with the nominees that I’ve actually met. Looks like there are some people to add to my bucket list this year!

So without further ado, here are the nominees for the 2016 ACM Awards!

AWFUL Female Voc Collage Male Vocalist Collage

For a complete list of nominations, go here.

I’m about ready to start a damn Go Fund Me page to get me there… *sigh*

I even considered quitting the radio station so that I could enter their fly away contest (employees obviously cannot enter/win). I’ve spent hours upon hours searching online for other contests to get there. For some reason, there just aren’t any this year… I’m really surprised that Dr. Pepper has not announced one yet! They usually have one every year! Time is ticking… today is exactly 2 months away from the show date of April 3rd!


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