TBT #3 – Kip Moore 4/5/13


Throwing it back to one of the many times that I met Kip Moore! (This would be the 4th time, I believe!)

WHEN: April 5th, 2013
WHERE: Freemont Street, Las Vegas (ACM Week)
HOW: Waited behind the stage after the show

If you look all the way to the left… there is a guy in a pink shirt and a girl in white with her hair up… Those are my friends and I was standing right next to them… but Kip is blocking me from view!

Oh, ACM Week 2013… you changed my life! First of all, I entered a contest on twitter and won VIP wrist bands for Friday night’s Freemont Street Experience… which basically meant I got to be much closer to the stage than the thousands of other people standing in the street for this free show. Literally, the entire street was packed. Of course, the closest I’d ever been for a Kip show and I was in such a hurry to get there that I forgot my camera at the hotel and only had my cell phone!


I mean, I was pretty close! The audience was filled with girls in red snap backs and I think I screamed the loudest when Kip played his underground song, Backseat. It’s still one of my favorites almost two years later… I’m really hoping it makes it on his new CD coming out (supposedly) this April.

But “Throwback Thursdays” on the blog is about the “meeting” part, so enough of that stuff! KIP RECOGNIZED ME. He told me that I looked familiar and asked if maybe it was from twitter? I told him that it could be that, or the fact that I had just hung out with him in Boston two weeks earlier after his show, lol. I then had to explain that I was from New England, but yes, flew to Vegas for ACM Week.

Please excuse the awful red eye! Gosh how I love ACM Week… I was wearing cowgirl boots with that dress… and during the “Week Vegas Goes Country”, that is totally acceptable!

I also called Manny over as he was walking somewhere and chatted with him for a bit. For those of you who don’t know, Manny Medina is Kip’s good friend and bass player. I had just seen Manny previously two weeks ago at the Boston show, so he came over to chat and remembered me as well. I asked him what his plans were for the following day, and he said probably laying by the pool.

Kip will forever be in my top 5 favorites. His gratitude and humbleness is genuine and his talent is raw and full of passion. His level of dedication to both his fans and his music is rare and it truly makes him stand apart from other artists. His sense of humor, raspy voice, baby blues, and sexy scruff are all just icing on the cake!


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