Blogging 101 Assignment: Who I Am & Why I’m Here

So I’m hoping to get the blog really rolling with this new year, and I decided to sign up for a “Blogging 101” course in hopes of giving me the motivation and focus that I need. I’m still fairly new in this whole blogging world and would like to get myself out there to more potential country music lovers!

One of my main goals for 2015 is to focus more on progress rather than perfection… which for me means stop hoarding my 17 unfinished drafts that don’t seem “perfect enough to post” and start getting more of my stories and experiences out there! Being a perfectionist is most of the times a curse… ok probably more like all of the time! So this year I’m really trying to look past that and just accept things being “good enough.”

Another blogging goal of mine for 2015 is collaborations! I have invited a couple “guest bloggers” to help out when I happen to get a writers block or caught up with other things in life. I like the idea of bringing other peoples ideas into this project and I believe every successful person needs a “team”, whether they just are supporters or help promote or are actually writing a couple articles for me. Eventually, I would like to possibly collaborate with and support other blogs that are relevant to my theme. I feel like women should support each other and not compete against each other. Together we can do bigger and better things than we can do alone! I have a list of my favorites so far and hope to contact their owners and maybe merge some of our ideas. Maybe a joint giveaway that promotes us both or just linking to each other. I don’t have it exactly all mapped out yet, but I do know I want to connect with some other country music blogs in the near future. I really want to review country lifestyle products for companies and host giveaways with the items they send to attract more viewers… I know once you get a huge following and they consider you influential, they want to promote their brands as much as you want to offer your followers with chances to win goodies! That’s another collaborative goal of mine for this year.

For those of you here for the first time, country music is my life, my passion, and what all my dreams are made of. I’m a concert addict with determination and tenacity… someone trying to find her way doing what she loves. I want to be a part of the music industry in any way possible. I’m constantly networking and seeking out connections that can help me obtain this long term goal. Being at a country concert is where I feel the most ALIVE. Where I feel like I have a reason and purpose on this earth. I also have a deep internal instinct of wanting to help and inspire people. I want other country music fans to learn how to meet their favorite artist or how to get backstage at a show… or how to win contests and how to chase their own dreams. This is my element.

If any of you are interested in joining along in this Blogging 101 Course, you can check out all of the details here: Blogging University.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Assignment: Who I Am & Why I’m Here

  1. I saw your comment on Blogging 101 the Commons and just had to check out your blog. Firstly, I absolutely love your blog name ❤ Don't be afraid to share your thoughts and stories. Do a quick finalisation on your drafts and post them. I also suffer from being a perfectionist and at times it can drive you nuts! Things don't seem to get done in a timely manner when you have the curse lol. Oh and I absolutely love country music, I listen to 93.7, but there's so many people my age who think country music isn't "cool". Well excuse me to those people but that aint how I roll. Happy blogging and I can't wait to continue your blogging journey with you


  2. Hi Jess, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Wow, you’ve been to a ton of concerts! I love country music… main reason we moved to Nashville a little over 2 years ago. Your blog is awesome because you have so much passion for country music and concerts. My daughters are just like that with EDM. They go to concerts every month. Can’t wait to read where your journey takes you.

    — Sabine (

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