Best Little Country Bar in Hampton Beach!

Ok, besides being the best brunch spot that I have EVER been to (think country music on the speakers and customized “breakfast shots”), I totally got some free website promotion! The walls of this place are COVERED with dollar bills that people have signed or drew on and then stapled on the walls over the past several years that The Goat has been open. I’ve written my website on the ceiling of a bar before, so why not on a dollar bill stapled to a beam?! I can’t wait to go back one day and see if it’s still there! I also am hoping that people who love country music might be tempted to check it out! (Hello and welcome if it’s your first time here and you saw my website at The Goat in New Hampshire!)


I also got a pretty sweet shirt that says “Whiskey Made Me Do It” on the back. Totally going to rock that at an upcoming show!



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