Revealing My Identity

So back about a year ago when I decided to start a blog, I was extremely hesitant about putting photos of myself on it. Even with my instagram account, Country Heartbeat, I specifically made sure to not show my face in any pictures. Partially because I wanted to stay anonymous, partially because I was afraid of creepy stalkers/ people recognizing me at events, and partially because I’m naturally mysterious. I have learned through the blogging classes I have been taking and through comments and connections with other bloggers, people want to see a face with the name and know who they are reading about. Images naturally draw people’s interest and they are more likely to open a post to read it if there is a photo involved. Tonight I’ve gone back and edited some posts from the archives, adding personal photos to them.

Please take a look at some of the best posts in my archives, complete with new pictures… especially if you’re new here and haven’t been following since the beginning! 🙂

Dream Trip of A Lifetime <— All about my very first ACM Awards experience!

That’s My Kind of Night <— Includes a secret video that is not public on YouTube!

About Page <— Revamped with photos & archived links!

Where it All Began <— First published post, added photos!

Let me know your thoughts… and I will definitely incorporate more photos into posts in the future! 🙂


One thought on “Revealing My Identity

  1. I just started blogging and I totally relate. I haven’t gotten the courage to “go public” yet. No pictures or facebook yet. It’s so much easier it write for strangers, don’t you think?

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