Brief Update…

Hello again, Country Heartbeat readers! For those of you following along on my adventures, you’ve probably noticed the lack of posts this past month. I just wanted to update everyone that I am still (more than ever actually) actively pursuing my music industry career and gearing up for a VERY busy summer of concerts! I am currently juggling 9 (yes, NINE) part-time jobs at the moment and the blog has taken a bit of a backseat. I have lots of awesome things to update y’all on, if I ever get some free time to do so! Right now my focus has been on working extra hours to save for a wedding that I’m in this summer and the big move to Nashville by the end of the year.

If you want to follow along as exciting things happen, feel free to “like” my facebook page and be sure to “subscribe” to the updates, because they more than likely will not show up in your news feed! I always update on there if an artist comes into the studio or if there is a song I’ve been loving on the radio.

Until next time!


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