This is My Heartbeat Song


By now, it’s well known that my heart beats for country music. It runs through my blood and nourishes my soul. I’ve been fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire, and following my heart has been the smartest move that I’ve made thus far. The amount of happiness that working in the country music industry brings me is immeasurable.

I am so thankful that a little over a year ago I was given the chance to work for my local country radio station, WPOR 101.9 on their street team! (You can read about my dreams coming true here!) Since then, being hired for the street team, I have also become the station photographer for shows and events, filling in at the front desk as a receptionist on a regular basis… and now…

photo of me taking pix for blog

I have my own blog on their website, ‘POR Heartbeat! I love that we incorporated this blog, Country Heartbeat and merged it with my station, allowing me to stay true to who I am and what I represent! At some point I will start linking between blogs to create traffic to and from both sources.

Since day 1, Country Heartbeat has been more focused on my journey into this industry, my adventures chasing dreams, some new music suggestions, and concert reviews and news here and there. ‘POR Heartbeat readers will get a little bit of that, but more of what’s trending and currently going on in the country music world! It would mean the world to me if you checked it out! ‘POR Heartbeat ❤

Feel free to read my debut post, Busy Week For Drew Baldridge! and learn about his first time walking the red carpet, first time playing at CMA Fest, first album release, and more!



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