Is “Remix Your Future” A Legit Event?

There’s just so much in my head and going on in my life right now, I feel like I need to write some of it down and share it with y’all!

First of all, Rodney Atkins himself favorited this tweet that I posted about my previous blog entry:

So yeah, that was a pretty cool notification to wake up to this morning! Apparently he thought that it was pretty cool that he was my first country concert.

Next, I need some guidance making a decision. I was invited to participate in a Music Biz event in Boston as a part of their “Go Team” that check in the artists, greet them, help with crowd participation and invite people to the event. At first, I thought WOW this is the most awesome opportunity to network with seasoned music professionals (It’s hosted by a guy who refers to himself as “The Mattrix” who is an A&R director, music executive and music marketing expert!) and I signed up right away to be a part of this event called “Remix Your Future”.

The communication has been sporadic and shady, it’s Wednesday and they have still yet to send out the “follow up email” with the specific details for participating (and the event is on Sunday!!). I’ve contacted them a ton of times on twitter and a few times via email and either this Erika chick apparently cannot handle her workload… or this is some sort of scam?

My gut says “proceed with caution”… like they are trying to lure us all into some sketchy place (I have a wild imagination) or just trying to steal our information or infect our computers or something. It seems to be pretty extravagantly planned out, however this sketchy communication with the point of contact, or lack-there-of, has got me wondering. I’ve spoken with other people who have also heard very little or gotten the run-around as well. I have a little voice in the back of my head telling me that this seems too good to be true. I’ve been very persistent with my questions and requests for further information.

The DREAMER in me says… GO! Take a chance! Drive the 2 hours South to Boston even if turns out that absolutely nothing is going on. I have an address and time to be there, but that is it. I would have been AWESOME at promoting this event and corralling other music fans to join this team, as well as sending out the information to local artists that I know could benefit from this opportunity. However, I do not want to seem like a jerk if this is all fake, so I have yet to help them with the promotions aspect. Which is really too bad, because with all of my social media sites, contacts, and marketing skills, I could have helped them out a ton. Their loss.

Here is their site: Remix Your Future… check it out and let me know if it seems legit? If so, they are HORRIBLE at customer service, event planning, correspondence, and marketing. They should probably hire me, I could do a much better job! 😉 Leave me a comment with your thoughts!



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