Thomas Rhett’s heart melting video he shared of his wife

So, I’ve been a huge fan of Laur and T.Rhett’s relationship since I’ve been following them both on instagram for the past couple years. Lauren is so naturally beautiful and their relationship seems so pure and honest and full of endless love. This video, though. This just did me in. Chills. Eyes watering up. I never knew they were friends for so long before they actually dated! I knew that they were college sweethearts, but had no idea about the whole high school phase where they were just friends. Wow, I love them SO MUCH MORE now. In fear of totally sounding like a typical white girl… I can’t even… ❤

Happy Early Valentine’s Day Y’all 🙂

PS. I cannot WAIT to see him live in 8 days!!!! Thomas is on my “Must Meet in 2015” list (along with Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley). Sending some good vibes out into the Universe, hoping a Meet & Greet falls on my lap for my show next week!

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TR Promo

Thomas Rhett won the internet today by sharing a video of how his love with his now wife grew from friends to where it is today! Check it out…

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