Young and Crazy with Frankie Ballard

Our AWESOME concert shirts!
Our AWESOME concert shirts!

It’s no secret that I have some serious love for Frankie Ballard and all that he does. I mean I even went back to college (at least for one night) just for him. He knows how to tear it up on stage no matter what type of venue it is.

My most recent Frankie adventure brought me to Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH. There were two opening acts; Ryan Sandford, a current student of Saint Anselm, and Alec MacGillivray, both of which were amazing. You could tell they both had a solid fan base at the show.

The last time I saw Frankie he was still recovering from a shoulder injury but since then he’s been able to pick up his guitar and resume his “face melting” skills on stage. This is what I was most excited for.

IMG_7574 10847617_944339488964192_7741209260904332251_o

He started the night off with I Came to Git Down and rattled all these new comers with his guitar moves. I think the majority of the students knew him by Sunshine and Whiskey, Helluva Life and from his recent single Young and Crazy, so when he started to sing those songs, things got a little crazy. Witnessing the smile on his face when people are singing his songs back to him is just an unbelievable moment.



As the night progressed on it was time for Eddie Robinson (his lead guitarist) to shine. Eddie took it back to the 90’s and sang The Wallflower’s One Headlight while Frankie took control of the drums. Yes, ladies (and gents), Frankie plays the drums as well.



Continuing on with covers, Frankie did La Grange by ZZ Top and of course, Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger. We’re talking about a well rounded artist here. I’m not sure how many other artist actual make an effort to go out to the middle of the crowd and interact with everyone, but Frankie never misses an opportunity to do so. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of him climbing scaffoldings and various objects, all because he wants to “bring the music to the people”.


He ends the night on a high note with Drinky Drink and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who still wanted more. So me being me, wanted to see him after the show. A little magic was worked and after some waiting; I got my much anticipated hug. I’m not sure what it is about his hugs but it’s almost as addicting as his performances.

IMG_7612      11182780_944337338964407_216285239146644581_o

Frankie and his whole team are the best people in the world and I love seeing each and every one of them. I don’t think a lot of the behind the scenes people receive the props that they should for making each and every show happen. So props to every single person involved for doing what you do!

If you haven’t checked Frankie Ballard out yet, then you need to get your butt to a show because believe me, you might walk in not really knowing who he is but you’ll walk out a fan for life.

Frankie is currently on tour with Florida Georgia Line, so check out to see if he’s rocking out at a venue near you!