Miranda’s Portland Stop

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Most of you know that Miranda Lambert’s Keeper of The Flame Tour stopped in Bangor at Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion last Sunday night. What you may not know is that her road crew stuck around Maine and spent all day Tuesday in Portland. Her road crew has their own band which likes to switch up their name between “Immnent Jamage” and “Permnent Damage“. They love Gritty’s and every time they come to Maine, they stop in and put on an impromptu show there.imminet jamage for blog

They showed up Tuesday night and started the jams around 9pm, allowing crowd participation, doing some karaoke, and basically winging it. They announced several times that they had no plan or set list, and encouraged suggestions from the crowd. Gwen Sebastian even came up and sang a powerful version of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man”. Sebastian sings backup for Lambert on tour as well as has a blossoming musical career of her own.

For those of you driving in Portland, you may have noticed the FIVE tour busses lined up on Pearl Street. Miranda’s crew spent a couple nights at the Regency Hotel and parked their busses nearby. Bus call was at 4pm on Wednesday, with a 7pm departure time.


Miranda’s adorable airstream (complete with it’s own twitter account!) affectionately named “Wanda The Wanderer” was also spotted in a private parking lot in Portland adjacent to where the tour busses were lined up. Supposedly Miranda had already gone back to Nashville, but no one really knows for sure!

miranda's thing for blog


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