TBT #5 – Canaan Smith (WAY Back When!)


WHEN: June 16th, 2012
WHERE: Meadowbrook Pavilion, Gilford NH
HOW: Stood in line for over an hour after Sugarland’s set to get an autograph and photo!

So this is before ANYONE had ANY idea of who Canaan Smith even was… but HE was the main reason that I wanted to go see the Sugarland show in June of 2016. I had been a fan for a little while since We Got Us was released earlier that year and I had been following him on twitter for a while. (He was just too adorable to resist!)

A couple days before the show, he actually replied to my tweet, and that got me EVEN MORE PSYCHED for the upcoming show!!

canaan smith june 14th 2012

During his set, he mentioned that he would be willing to meet EVERYONE after Sugarland’s set over by the merch booth. I had bought his CD with two original tracks, We Got Us and All In My Head. I convinced my friend to wait in line with me while he took the time to meet each and every fan, sign an autograph, AND take a photo. To put it into perspective, the venue has about 8,000 seats and there was a long line, but the wait was so worth it! I remember that security was extremely strict about taking photos with your own camera, but I snuck some anyway. (Typical.) Canaan was a sweetheart and introduced himself (like I didn’t already know who he was!) and I told him that he put on an awesome show and he thanked me. I don’t remember much besides that, it WAS nearly 4 years ago!



Canaan has always been awesome about interacting with his fans. I’m so happy that I grabbed these screenshots [of tweets] all those years ago! I’ve been a fan of Canaan since the very beginning of his career and am proud of how far that he has come! Since then, I’ve seen him in concert several times and met him a couple more times over the years. I will always be a supporter of his music!

canaan smith reply

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