6 Reasons Why Kelsea Ballerini Could Be Your New Best Friend


So I got an email today letting me know that the “Summer Forever Tour” was officially on sale, and that is what prompted this post. (For those of you who don’t know, Kelsea recently announced she’d be joining Billy Currington on his tour that kicks off February 19th in Texas.)

The subject line of the email reads, “Tickets & Friendships Available Now!” Honestly, is there ANYONE that doesn’t want to be legit friends with Kelsea? She’s the most adorable, sweetest, hilarious, authentic, 22 year old girl who just happens to have had the craziest year of her life rising to fame and manages to stay humble and genuine just the same.

How many other artists do you know openly admits that they want to have real friendships with their fans? (See Kelsea talk about that in the video below!)

Here are 6 reasons why every girl wants to be Kelsea’s BFF

1. She’s the queen of selfies. Kelfies, actually. (She should trademark that!) And she loves taking Kelfies with her fans! Who doesn’t want a friend who has perfected the selfie?


2. She’s selfless. She brought a teen fighting cancer (Allie Allen) as her date to the Country Music Awards, and guess what? They’ve continued their friendship and have remained close. She genuinely cares about her friends (& people in general).


3. She’s a part of Taylor Swift’s squad. She started off as a fan of Taylor (look how young they both were!), now they chill on the regular. (See, it CAN happen!) Taylor went from being her biggest inspiration to a real-life sidekick.


4. She’s fun. So much fun. She’s not afraid to be silly and laugh at herself. Staying true to herself will take her very far as she continues on her rise to superstardom!

kels list post   kels fun list

5. She’s caring. She has a HUGE heart. She supports a lot of causes that she believes in. (For instance, Love Your Melon, a company on a mission to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America.)

love your melon

6. Her energy is contagious! Not just her onstage presence, but in real life too! She’s bubbly and excited about everything! You can’t help but smile when you’re around her. She exudes such kindness and a true zeal for life.

kels for post
(Photo: Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP)

I think every girl can agree that Kelsea would make an awesome addition to their own girl gang! I’m calling DIBS! #SquadGoals


Be sure to follow Kelsea on Twitter and Instagram!



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