Staying Dry This Holiday Season

I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical to try out this full size “dry spray” deodorant, because I will be the first to admit that I’ve always hated spray on deodorants. My parents used them when I was a child, and I remember not being able to breathe when I walked into the bathroom, even 15-20 minutes after they had sprayed their underarms. I may have been a little dramatic, coughing and gasping for air, but I truly hated the awful smell of those things. Fast forward 20 years, apparently these things have changed!

Unlike other formats, Degree MotionSense dry spray antiperspirant contains no water or alcohol, which can leave a wet feeling residue. Nor does it contain wax, which can leave a waxy residue. So, it literally does spray on DRY. Completely and totally dry! You know how sometimes your regular stick of deodorant feels chunky or sticky or even crumbly sometimes after application or mid day? Not this kind!

One thing I do have to comment on, is the fact that it claims to last for 48 hours. I don’t know about you, but in a 48 hour time period I’ve usually taken 1-2 showers and reapplied my deodorant afterwards. On those Sunday-morning-hangovers-that-last-all-day, when reapplying deodorant or even showering isn’t high on my priority list, I have noticed some wetness during the day. But that could very possibly be due to sweating out the alcohol… and I’m not one to just go 48 hours without applying deodorant because I would be too self conscious wondering if I smelled or not… I’m the girl who carries a mini travel size in my purse to reapply if needed. (Go ahead and laugh!)

Another cool thing that I’ve noticed, is that you literally get a whiff of the scent if you’re active and moving around a lot (as opposed to like sitting at a desk all day)! I haven’t yet tried this at the gym, but during more “strenuous” activities, like house work and laundry, I’ve observed the MotionSense factor in play. Maybe it has to do with your arms rubbing together more and activating the scent? But I thought that was pretty cool that it almost “knew” when I needed a little extra boost!

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying this product! I love the fresh scent (I can’t stand anything powder scented) and I love how you can get dressed immediately after application and not have to worry about deodorant marks on your shirt! Deodorant that stays put and stays off your shirt! (Can I trademark that?!)

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Disclosure: I received this product complementary for testing purposes from Influenster.


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