New Music Monday!

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LAST New Music Monday of 2015!

Musically, 2015 has been a breakout year for artists like Kelsea Ballerini, Michael Ray, A Thousand Horses, Brothers Osborne, Sam Hunt, Cam, Chris Janson, Old Dominion, Chase Bryant, LoCash, Canaan Smith and more! What artists will emerge and climb to the top in 2016?! I’ve got some premonitions, but for now, I’ll just share with you some of my “new” favorite songs as the year is wrapping up!

Florida Georgia Line, “Confession”

“Embers in the ashtray glow / like memories that won’t let go”

“That guy in the windshield looking back looks just like me / But there’s a crack in the reflection”

This song has been my favorite song off of their Anything Goes album since it was first released back in October of 2014. I’m surprised it took them this long to make it a radio single! I definitely appreciate Florida Georgia Line’s “softer side” which helps balance out the high energy party songs. I love the visuals in this song, how you can listen to it with your eyes closed and “see” the story being told. Also, basically any song that mentions a shooting star or star gazing is going to earn extra points in my book! It’s a song about reflecting on the past and driving out to the middle of nowhere to basically drink beer and contemplate life. So far, all of FGL’s singles have hit #1, and this one will be no exception!

Cole Swindell, “You Should Be Here”

“It’s one of those moments, that’s got your name written all over it /And you know that if I had just one wish it’d be that you didn’t have to miss this / You should be here”

Heart. Strings. Pulled. Cole says that this is the song that he “came to Nashville to write” and the raw emotions behind these lyrics tied with the visuals of Mike Monaco’s video… so powerful. This is a very personal song for Cole, written about his late father who passed only weeks after Cole officially got his first record deal. The video features one of their last phone conversations as well highlights from Cole’s career that his Dad has missed out on. Everyone has lost someone they’ve loved, and everyone has those moments where they wish their loved one could be there to experience life with them. You Should Be Here captures these feelings and ties them personally to all of the meaningful moments in Cole’s career that his Dad missed out on. Though Cole says that he knows his Dad is smiling from up above looking down, he just wishes he could be there to put his arm around him and experience the moment. Download this song. NOW. Industry professionals are already predicting it’s going to be up for “Song of the Year” at future awards shows.

Tyler Farr, “Better in Boots”

“You turn me on, girl, you know you do / But you tear me up even better in boots”

“Fair, girl it ain’t even fair / When all it takes is you lettin’ down your hair / To drive me wild like you know you do / It works every time but even better in boots”

This song surely brings out Tyler Farr’s sexy side…  have you seen the video?! Currently sitting at number 29 on the Billboard chart, I’m certain this will be a Top 10 hit in 2016, if not another number 1 for Tyler Farr! It was released to radio a while ago, so it’s not actually “new”… but I’m sharing because it’s becoming one of those songs that I look forward to hearing on my local country radio station!

Jon Pardi, “Head Over Boots”

“You’re the rock in my roll / You’re good for my soul, it’s true /I’m head over boots for you”

“Maybe one day we can make it a thing / Test time and grow old together / Rock in our chairs and talk about the weather, yeah”

I mean, while we’re on the theme of boots… reminiscent of 90’s country, Jon Pardi’s new song is rich in country’s roots and still manages to get you swaying and clapping along to the catchy (yet sometimes a bit cliche) lyrics. This song is a love song, and I love the cowboy twist on “head over heels,” as well as the fact that it leans more towards a mature/long-term romance than some other songs today. It’s got a lot of girls wishing that someone would fall Head Over Boots for them!


Let me know what songs you are loving listening to right now! I would love to hear what your current favorites are! Leave a comment below!





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