Brothers Osborne CD Release Party!


Did you hear that Brothers Osborne had a CD Release party at Bull Moose in Salem, New Hampshire the day before their debut album, Pawn Shop, was released?! If you weren’t one of the few lucky enough to attend, I captured the question and answer part of their acoustic performance for you guys to watch!

So technically, I was scheduled to work that Thursday, but when I found out on Tuesday morning that they would be about an hour and a half away from my house, AND there was an opportunity to meet them and get their CD before anyone else… I knew I had to go. I had to find SOME way to be there. They recently played in Portland, and sadly I had to miss the show and was very upset about it. THIS WAS MY CHANCE. Sooo… should I play hooky? Call out sick? I decided that honesty was the best policy (it usually is!) and I decided to just present the facts to my boss and see what she had to say about it. Luckily, she understands my passion/obsession for country music and networking within the industry and graciously allowed me to take the day off to go! When you truly want something guys, just have the courage to ASK!

So along with the insight John and T.J. provided about the songs on the new album (you’ve gotta watch the video!), they also performed 3 acoustic songs to the crowd that had gathered inside the Bull Moose Music store. They performed It Ain’t My Fault, the title track Pawn Shop, and of course their Top 5 hit (sure to be a #1 soon I’m sure!), Stay A Little Longer. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I went alone and ended up chatting with a couple girls there who had also showed up alone. The videographer was surprised that we had all just met and didn’t know each other previously! We were also lucky enough to get a front row spot for the performance. I’m still searching for the videos taken that day, their videographer said he would put it up on the Brothers Osborne facebook page and “eventually” on youtube.

new friends BROS
New “friends” and fellow BROS fans!

I recognized their tour manager Alyssa because I had met her when she was working as Love and Theft’s TM a couple years ago. I reintroduced myself and she actually remembered me and our previous conversation about my dreams to work in Nashville. Not only did she offer me some really valuable advice, but she also told me to hit her up once I get to Nashville and we could meet for coffee. I love it when people are supportive, and I hope that when I’m finally in my dream job, I will be able to offer just as much help and advice to people that remind me of myself when I was first starting out. The ones with passion and potential and stars in their eyes.

JUST FOR MY LOYAL READERS AND FOLLOWERS! An UNLISTED secret behind-the-scenes video for you guys to show my appreciation! I wasn’t quick enough with my phone to catch T.J. purchasing his first official copy of their debut CD, but I did catch John purchasing a copy of the vinyl record! This was after 99% of the people had left except for managers, label reps and radio peeps. See, this is the good stuff that you witness when you Stay A Little Longer! See the exclusive video clip here!

Also… feel free to vote below on your favorite song from the album!


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