ACM Week Recap – Day 1 – Maine to California

Wednesday March 30th, 2016


My adventures started off by being asked to call KBUL 98.1 in Revo, NV shortly after arriving at the airport! I had connected with their morning show host, Bob Richards, on twitter a couple of weeks before. During my search to win fly away’s to Vegas for the 51st Academy of Country Music Awards, I entered every contest that existed. I secured a one way flight, just in case I didn’t win, to insure that I would get there. However, while being there, I also had my hopes set on being able to attend the 3-Day Party For A Cause Festival. The price of the 3-day festival, however, was $175 before taxes and fees. Definitely not something that I could afford on my own, on top of flights, especially with this trip having a super strict budget!

Luckily I believe in manifesting your desires and the Law of Attraction. I believe that acting like you already have something (or in this care that you’re already attending) will help the Universe deliver what it is that you want. BUT, you must also put in the effort to obtain this desire, and ASK. You’re not going to get what you want magically (unless you’re insanely lucky)… you have to take some action. So I searched the official PFAC hashtag, #ACMparty on twitter to find contests to enter. I entered the ones that I could, but the “call in to win” ones, I knew I would be unable to listen to non-local radio stations day in and day out. So I reached out to the KBUL Moo Crew in Reno, NV.

It just so happens that the guy running their social media also used to live in Maine! We started chatting via DM and I told him all about my crazy plans to get to Vegas, even though I had no tickets to anything or even my own hotel room to stay in. He actually even wanted to set up a Skype meeting for a potential position that the had open at the station in Reno due to the intensity of my passion for country music! (Sorry, but I have my heart set on Nashville!) Long story short, in exchange for some Maine goodies, he would try to hook me up with a pair of wristbands!

This morning, they talked about me on the radio (I was able to hear a live stream on my phone) and I called in to chat with the hosts and they were supposed to play our call on air. I had to board the plane before I was able to hear the clip/segment but it was still so exciting for me! I mean, I work at a radio station, but I’ve only been on air once or twice before! What an awesome way to start off my trip!

WRITTEN ON THE PLANE: I love that I’m doing this. I love that I’m currently on a plane to Cali, with a belly full of the most epic Philly Cheesesteak and a beer appropriately named “Troegs Dreamweaver”… because I’m a dream chaser and I’m taking flight onto the path of my future! Here’s to making connections, promoting myself and my blog, and making some lifelong memories along this epic adventure!


I first met Jencita at the 1st Annual Party For A Cause Festival  in 2013 and we’ve kept in touch over the past few years online through social media. Jencita offered me the opportunity of guest posting on her site, Variety Beat, and help her with some pre-ACM coverage before the festival and awards show. When I found out that it was cheaper to fly into LA than to Vegas, she graciously agreed to pick me up at the airport and offered me a place to stay and a ride to Vegas!

I was super excited to meet her beautiful 16 month old daughter Madison and we had a chance to catch up and do some outfit planning before bed!

Stay tuned for Day 2! Our drive to Vegas and The Week Vegas Goes Country officially begins!


2 thoughts on “ACM Week Recap – Day 1 – Maine to California

  1. This was such a great story to read about your adventures. It is hard not to catch country fever after hearing about all the ways you reached your goals. I hope others see how determination and passion will win out. Great story , looking forward to more!

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