The Universe knows how hard I’ve been working to network, make connections, learn everything that I can, and unremittingly working an excess of jobs and hours to save money for the big move to Nashville. This week, there’s been some amazing coincidences, that I truly believe is more than just happenstance. If you haven’t established yet that I’m crazy for the 8 part-time jobs that I currently juggle, well, crazy just met crazier! I have two more job interviews tomorrow (non music related)… both of which I believe were placed in my path for a reason.

One of them is a bar-tending job, which is something that I can fall back on in Nashville if I don’t land my dream music industry job right away. (I have zero previous experience, which means the bars in Nashville wouldn’t even look twice at me… but this will make it so that I DO have experience on my resume!) The other is a nannying job, which I have several of… but after speaking with the Mom on the phone, I learned that her best friend works at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and has been in the country music industry for a long time! HOLY SERENDIPITY! What are the chances?!? Hopefully I can develop a good relationship with this family and Mom can pass along a good word for me to her BFF for when I get there.

Seriously, everything happens for a reason. What’s meant to be will always find a way. Although I did reach out to the Mom on, the bar-tending opportunity literally just fell on my lap!

For some extra reassurance (as if I wasn’t convinced on my own)… this week’s personalized horoscope happens to be:

The success of some enterprises depends on willpower and relentlessness. For some others, the answer is beyond us. Things seem to occur “by chance”, and we don’t know how and why new opportunities are offered to us. Your situation seems to unfold as by magic. … There may be some unexpected help, some assistance granted from elsewhere. Or a fruitful idea, a salutary inspiration. In any case, trust your sixth sense. The most unusual attitudes may prove terrifically efficient. In the best cases, a vocation may be discovered. All of a sudden, life takes on a new dimension, with an obvious direction. The only danger may be that you are guided by feelings and you don’t show pragmatism or a critical mind. Therefore, you may be taken away from way-marked footpaths, drifting away… Nevertheless, more often than not, “what was meant to be will be”.

You can find your own free personalized horoscope (it revolves around what time and where you were born also… not just your birth date!) at!

I’m super excited to see where these opportunities lead me!

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