Old Port Fest Was A Success!


WPOR Staff with Brooke Eden & Drew Baldridge

I had the honor of taking photos for my station, WPOR, at this year’s Old Port Festival in Portland, Maine. The weather held out and despite it being extremely windy, it was a warm afternoon! Opening our show were local favorites, American Ride. They’re a country cover band and every song was something that you could sing along to!

Next up was Nashville newcomer, Matt Gary. He tested out some songs on us that he will be putting on his EP; we were some of the first people to hear this new music! Check out his official lyric video for “It’s On You”.

With Matt Gary!

Soon-to-be-superstar Drew Baldridge was our headliner for the show, and he put on one hell of a performance! His debut album Dirt On Us was just released a couple days before and his first single, “Dance With Ya” is currently sitting at number 45 on the media base country charts. Baldridge is an enthusiastic and energetic performer and has some dance moves that rival those of Luke Bryan.

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WPOR Announces Old Port Festival Lineup!


The 43rd annual Old Port Festival will be held on June 12th, 2016 from 11am to 5pm! There will be four stages with live music scattered throughout downtown Portland, Maine. I of course, will be there at the WPOR stage! See the lineup below!

WPOR Stage (Middle & Temple Streets)

12pm — American Ride (local cover band)
1pm — Matt Gary
2pm — Drew Baldridge
3pm — Dylan Scott
4pm — Brooke Eden

First of all, I’ve been dying to share this news with you since I spoke with Brooke Eden in Vegas at the BBR Music Group brunch on Sunday April 3rd before the ACM Awards. But because I knew my station had not officially announced the lineup yet, I kept it to myself. I went up to Brooke at the brunch and told her that I was that girl who made her come out of her bus in the freezing cold to come into WPOR so that I could meet her and take a photo with her, and that I needed a re-take since I was in my “work clothes” lol. She informed me that she would be coming back to Portland the same weekend as CMA Fest and I was ecstatic! She also told me she would be performing later that night at the ACM Official After Party, All Star Jam, which was officially my first time seeing her live!

Brooke Eden and I at the BBR Music Group brunch in Las Vegas!

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NASH FM Guitar Pull at 3rd & Lindsley

News F Nash 2 merged

Well sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been out gathering information and going to events trying to figure out which way this post should go. I can attend events and brief y’all on what happened or I can give you a heads up about what’s about to happen in Nashville. Let me know what you’d like to see in the comment section below!

guitar pull 1

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New Music Monday

opaque new music mon

Maren Morris – My Church

This song is starting to explode on country radio! Marren Morris is going to be someone who will rise to fame very quickly this year. For those of you who haven’t heard it, no the song isn’t religious or about going to church, so don’t shy away from it out of fear of that. It’s a powerful song about the healing powers of country music, and how one can just get lost in the music on a long drive and end up feeling so much better about everything. “I find my soul revival, singing every single verse / Yeah, I guess that’s my church.” I’ve always been a huge believer that music can save a soul, much like God or a church can, and this is the message that Maren is trying to get across in this single that is going to soar up the charts over the next few months!

Russell Dickerson – Yours

Can I just take a second and personally say, “Awwwwwww” and that I want a guy to feel like this about me one day? I yearn to make someone the best version of themselves, more than I want to find someone who is going to make me the best version of my own self! The fact that there is a “Wedding Version” on his EP for this song speaks magnitude about the power it will hold over people’s emotions. This song is going to touch hearts and that’s what makes or breaks a song in my opinion. His vocals are strong and the lyrics are touching and powerful. You need to give it a listen!

Brooke Eden – Daddy’s Money

Brooke has been in the Nashville scene for a few years now, and after releasing an EP in early 2014 and the single American Dreamin’ later that year, now she’s come out with a brand new single that country radio is going to love! This song isn’t about being handed everything on a silver platter, it’s just the opposite! Brooke sings about working hard for everything she has gotten, and encourages all of the girls around town to not let it hold them up or slow them down if they don’t have the ease of living off of “Daddy’s Money”. It’s a sassy single with attitude and girl-power that is going to be her big break in 2016 and just goes to prove that hard work (and of course talent) will get you far. Sometimes it’s about who you know, but in Brooke’s case, she wants it known that pure determination and hard work got her to where she is today!

Brothers Osborne – It Ain’t My Fault

I had the pleasure of hearing this song live, acoustically, for the very first time at the Brothers Osborne CD Release Party. So let’s just start out by saying that as a kid, one of my favorite games was Mouse Trap, simply for the fact that it was a game of cause and effect based on a chain reaction… where one action influenced the next. (Memory refresh here!) Same with my obsession for the Back to the Future… do you remember Doc’s alarm clock contraption in the opening sequence? (If not, refresh your memory here!) Basically, these type of Rube Goldberg machines intrigue me, and It Ain’t My Fault is a song with that same basic idea, but reversed. It’s all about blaming the previous night’s behavior on a plethora of things, each one leading to the next. It’s a fun song about someone who is guilty of a “damn good time”. Not sure which track BR-OS plans on releasing as their next single, but this would be my pick for sure!

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